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Fossil is not a pioneer in the smart table, but it is the leader of the young fashion brand, in the technology brands have launched a smart table at the same time, Fossil also stand their own pace, in the existing fashion design based on the introduction of the Fossil Q wisdom Table series, the new Q Wander, Q Marshal is a popular Fossil elements, equipped with Android Wear system fashion smart table.

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In fact Fossil is a brand started to replica watches uk, and leather products is an important part of Fossil's. Anyone who knows the fashion brand, most of them have heard of Fossil watches, the author had a child wanted to have a Fossil watch, until now, Fossil also worn in the field of wisdom, and launched the wisdom table continued as "Fossil Q Marshal "and" Fossil Q Wander ".
The masculine male character
Fossil Q series watches are inherited Fossil existing brand characteristics, it is not like the general wisdom table brand, the beginning of the square surface to attempt to subvert the market (such as Apple Watch, ASUS ,Replica Watch 2 ..., etc.), but to Traditional round surface as the basis, the introduction of Fossil brand with the wisdom of the table, in fact, the recent market trends also proved that the circular surface is really the mainstream of the smart table, including just launched Samsung Gear S3, ASUS ZenWatch 3 have been Using a circular surface.

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The above mentioned Fossil Q female table and male watch, the specific difference is also reflected in the appearance, female watch Q Wander with a more soft line design, coupled with curved case and more hot rolex replica detailed lugs, to highlight the women Unique temperament. Male watch Q Marshal (that is, the test of this product) is relatively more masculine, the case with a more rugged style, and in the bezel with a slider design to match the characteristics of male masculine masculine. Whether both men and women have 22mm universal specifications of the strap, the user can change through their own needs.

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Crown function as the Home button, can return to the home page or used to wake up the watch. Crown only button function, can not be rotated to use.
Fossil Q Marshal male watch models based on a different case with a strap with a total of four styles, respectively, with a black strip of steel FTW2108 (flagship store & QiMo Super Mall sold out only), brown leather strap FTW2106, silver Steel replica watches FTW2109, and black silicone strap FTW2107, this test is the coffee leather strap "FTW2106" section.

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Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor
Fossil Q Marshal case with stainless steel, the surface is equipped with a large diameter 45mm touch screen, running Android Wear operating system, the core is the latest Qualcomm processor, compared to the previous generation Intel Atom rolex replica watches processing Equipment to be more fluid, the memory is to use 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM.

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