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Zimmermann began to collect sports Rolex antique tables from the 1950s and 1960s, which were the first to produce watches for special recreational activities. In 1927, Mercedes Gleitzes wore Rolex swim across the English Channel, and after 15 hours, the watch was still walking as usual, and the elegant and simple Rolex was considered the first truly waterproof, sealed sport watch.

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Zimmermann explains: "Most collectors will lock in a smaller collection, whether you are a particular brand or a particular age, you need to narrow your collection to concentrate on collecting collectibles. If the standard is too wide, then look for The rolex replica watch is too easy, the most exciting in the collection is looking for the process.
Zimmermann's first Rolex watch was bought at an auction eight years ago. He paid $ 1,500 to buy the 1954 version of the Rolex Submariner, this watch is very valuable collection, because the face plate "Submariner" marked as red words. After all the marks on the Rolex watch are all white, which makes those with red mark Rolex become rare. If he will auction it now, then he expects the price to reach $ 15,000.

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Today, he costs much more expensive. His recently purchased collection is a double red seal "Double Red Sea Dweller" 1665, which was purchased at a Miami watch, at a price of $ 20,000. This is just one of the 3 to 4 watches he plans to buy this year.
The pleasure of catching up was just a part of his excitement - he had traveled to Japan, for a uk fake rolex watch at the airport, and then to take the next flight home. Unlike rare coins and other collectors, Zimmermann actually uses his collection every day. If he had just bought it, then his hobby became a wise investment.

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Zimmermann expects the value of his favorite Rolex watch to grow at an annual rate of 15%, he said: "Over the past few years, the price of this particular watch category has increased significantly." But some watches add value faster - he The price of some rolex uk watches in less than a year has been increased to 3 times before.
"There is no other watch that has gone through the Rolex antique table," said Robert Maron, president of Robert Maron Inc., one of the largest US watch distributors. "Similarly, there is nothing like Patek Philippe in the long run Baida is a reliable and recognized form of investment worth of watches, 20 years has been appreciated, and Rolex 's value has been a substantial increase.

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He pointed out that a 5 years ago, the price of $ 3,500 Rolex 6542 is now sold for 65,000 US dollars, the price increased by 18.5 times. In contrast, a piece of Patek Philippe 1518 a few years ago the price of 185,000 US dollars, and now worth 500,000 US dollars, only three times the growth. However, according to our judgment, the history of the auction through the sale of the 10 most expensive watches are from Patek Philippe.

Maron adds that other collectors, such as Audemars Piguet and Lange, have some classic styles that have produced huge returns, but he says that the style is extremely rare. While uk Rolex and Patek Philippe have hundreds of watches in the price to achieve and is likely to continue to achieve substantial growth.

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Of course, watch collectors have to be careful to make worthless investments. Zimmerman himself had this encounter. He bought a watch surface through the Internet to be re-color, which antique table is a major flaw, will lead to the value of the watch halved.
Zimmermann explains: "It is important to keep the status quo, and if the surface of the watch, the stylus, or the case undergoes any changes, even if it is polished, its collection value will drop."
With the rising price, increasing demand, the auction house will be 15,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars auction price of many Rolex watches. Just start collecting rolex replica watches watches or pockets of people can look at the cheaper auction items, such as the 1930s and 40s of last century by Longines (Longines) or Omega (Omega) produced timing watches. For more interested parties who are interested in the collection may consider F.P. Journe. Journe limited production manual.

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